About Us


At Gore Preschool Early Learning Centre we value the partnership between teachers, families/whānau, the children and the community. We will ensure that family/whānau will be involved and respected throughout their child’s learning journey.

The children and staff here at Gore Preschool Early Learning Centre all share friendship and a sense of humour.


To provide the Gore community with a high quality, reputable, modern early learning centre, that promotes an eagerness and passion for learning, diversity of akonga and flexibility in meeting the needs of children and whānau.


To have a team of highly skilled and motivated teachers working in collaboration with colleagues and whanau to provide a stimulating, enriching, inspirational and intentional learning environment for all akonga.



Kaiako respect children and families and the diversity within the learning environment. Through respect for the physical environment, the living world Aotearoa, and tangata whenua, Gore preschool   celebrates the success of all ākonga.

Empathy & Kindness

Kaiako are present in each moment and act on feelings of empathy and kindness that is mana enhancing and empowering for all children, parents and whanau.


The Gore Preschool learning environment promotes playfulness, wonder and joy in lifelong learning, these magical moments are shared and celebrated with family and friends.

Courage & Resilience

We empower all ākonga to take risks, be courageous and show resilience as they embark on challenging experiences, in preparation for their next stages of learning.